The Mourning – NaBloPoMo #8



You brought the darkness you took the light I went to bed one night and everything was alright woke up the next morning went to work and then my heart started to hurt he was gone you didn’t care you wanted to run you were locked up for two years and now you’re out I better not see you out and about you brought pain unimaginable into my life I can barely maintain being a wife you took someone special to go away he had children he had a mother he had sisters and was the famous brother you run, you hide how can you close your eyes to sleep when I find you there won’t be a peep pain and suffering was his plight you drugged him up day and night he was dependent and needed more and more you made him into a drug whore why didn’t you ask for help if you saw this going bad now he’s dead and the world is sad bring him back was my selfish plea he lived his life for you and for me after year of mourning I now realize he is better off outside of the eyes that always watched and criticized now he’s with God, the apple of His eye rest Michael rest your work here is done no more tear no more suffering my son.


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