What is your favorite holiday memory? – NaBloPoMo #4



When people in the US think of a holiday in the month of July, automatically the 4th comes to mind. I am here to spread the word that from this day forward everyone around the world is required to celebrate July 19th! This is the day that I entered the world kicking and screaming. I have always loved birthdays and believe everyone should feel very special on theirs. Maybe it stems from never having a birthday party until I was 39 years old or maybe it comes from only attending one birthday party as a child. Whatever it is, if I am around and it’s your birthday, I am compelled to help make it a good day. I feel this way for friends, family and even strangers.

My most memorable birthday was my 40th. My husband and I hosted a party at our home with a few friends and associates. I went all out and hired a dj, a bartender, a caterer and even rented a dance floor. We moved most of the living room furniture into the garage so we could have the entire room to party. The dining room was setup with a food station and cake table along with a few places to sit. The nook in the kitchen was transformed into a bar area where the bartender and most of the guests spent their time. I chose to decorate the party with bling, and the color scheme was hot pink and white. We even had a pink carpet. (The red carpet would have clashed)

The icing on the cake was my adult niece, who I am very close to, came all the way from Dallas, TX to help celebrate. I had such a good time and I danced most of the night, when I wasn’t drinking out of my jumbo martini glass. At midnight, the dj stopped the music and my friends sang Happy Birthday because it was officially my birthday. Then per my request, the dj played a Michael Jackson medley to honor the legend. This was the year MJ passed away and I am one of his biggest fans. This celebration was the best holiday of my life and I never wanted it to end.

Now that you have read my story I hope you will mark your calendars for July 19 every year going forward and celebrate with me!

*** NOTE*** I’m sure the creator of this prompt posted birthdays in jest, but I consider my birthday an international holiday.





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