Planting a Lyric Seed


The Prompt – Run (or walk) to the nearest music playing device (radio, iPod, record player, 8-track) and turn it on. Select a lyric from the first, random song you hear. Use that lyric in a piece of writing of your choosing (fiction, non-fiction, poem, letter, etc.). The Twist – work the name of the artist into your writing as well.

This challenge was a fun idea and I decided at the last minute to participate. My random song was “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne.

Just when everyone in hip hop is talking about Cuffin Season it seems Avirl Lavigne and her hubby Chad Kroeger may be calling it quits. Now I’m not one to gossip or get in anyone’s marital business, but maybe Avril regrets singing this song in her younger days. For such a young girl, she is already on marriage number 2 and I hope this one can be repaired. I also pray no other chick is singing her song to her husband:

“In a second you’ll be wrapped
Around my finger
Because I can, cause I can do it better
There’s no other, so when’s it going
To sink in
She’s so stupid
What the hell were you thinking…”

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