The Destruction



My soul is dying everyday. I don’t know how to save it. I know that you are lying in every way, but I can’t make truth out of it. Why would you lie about something so little? Unless you are hiding something much more major! This gives me anxiety and causes more cracks in my foundation. You know the one that was already shaky from the last earthquake you caused. I am trying so hard to stay upright but I want to crumble. How much more can this worn down structure take? It can not endure forever…. Why is it the nature of man to destroy the earth? The one thing that is home to you. There is no replacement once the resources have been depleted. You are killing your own soul too. You just don’t know the consequences of your action….no matter how small. You have the option of reviving my resources, but are you smart enough, strong enough, man enough? Or are you so consumed with the right now that you can’t see the future?


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