Writing 101: Day 8 – Death to Adverbs



Go to a public location and make a detailed report of what you see. The twist of the day? Write a post without adverbs.


My name is Buzz and I am a quintessential “Fly on the wall”. Every day of my life I sit around and watch all of the humans as they come and go. Join me in today’s adventure…

Today I watched from the corner of the TGIFriday Bar area where most of the lunch crowd has come and gone. Right now I am looking at an interracial couple on a lunch date as they roll in the door and are seated in my bar section. They dominate the booth in the corner and order right away. They must be hungry because they devour their appetizer within a couple of minutes.

The waitress saunters back and forth between the couple’s table and the bar where she is prepping for the next shift. She shuffles her duties and is the queen of the multi-task. The only problem, she over indulges and everyone suffers. Other patrons enter and she is now overwhelmed.

A man plops down on a bar stool and demands a beer. The beer doesn’t quench his thirst, but the waitress is busy greeting a new table with three ladies. The ladies file into their booth and bellow their orders at the top of their lungs. Apparently someone at the table is hard of hearing because their conversation boomed throughout the bar.

Meanwhile the first couple devoured their meal and requires the check to no avail. The waitress was in demand, but she crept back and forth causing a backup. At this point disaster was emanate and I left before the carnage exploded.


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