I Am Who I Am


I may not look like Halle
I may not sound like Chrisette
I am beautiful in my own wright
On this you can bet!

I may not write like Maya
I may not dance like Debbie
I still get down in my own way
Don’t you think that’s heavy?

My legs don’t look like Tina’s
My breasts not plump like Pam’s
I make my man happy
And make him scream out DAMN!

My eyes aren’t green like Erykah
My frame not thin like Kelly
I have curves that feel like heaven
Never mind my big fat belly!

I’m not young & spirited like Keke
I’m not older and wiser like O
My life is free and open
Meet me once you’ll never go!

I’m not any of these people
I’m just trying to live how I feel
Sometimes guarded and reserved
Always growing and being real!

So if you like what you see, fine
If you don’t that’s good too
I won’t judge you for opinions
Because you’re just being you.

Lisa W. Tetting



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