The Letter


Writing 101 – Day 5: Be Brief
You discover a letter on a path that affects you deeply. Today, write about this encounter. And your twist? Be as succinct as possible.



This morning I went to visit an old friend at the cemetery. On my way out I found a letter that touched my heart. The letter said:

Dear Son,
I know you have noticed how weak I have become in the last few months. I did not want to worry you so I kept my illness to myself. If you are reading this note it means my time is up. I wanted to say soo many things to you while we were together, but we have always had a strained relationship. From the day you came into my life we were cursed because I did a terrible thing when I was young and lonely. You see I am not your real mother. You were taken from your home in the middle of the night and sold on the black market. I was desperate for a child, someone to love me, so I paid for you, no questions asked. You must have known deep down that you were not mine because we never bonded and our life together was horrible.

I was unable to tell you on my death bed because I am a coward. I have asked Timothy to give this note to you after the funeral. It is my wish that you find your real mom. Maybe she can fill the void in you that you always felt, but never knew why. Don’t hate me son. I love you! However, buying you was my biggest regret in life because you were always so unhappy. Be happy son.

Who is this son and will he ever know that he still has a mother out there somewhere longing for him? Is the real mother still alive and does she celebrate his birthday every year hoping, praying to hold him once again? How will I find the owner of this letter with just the name Timothy mentioned?

I find myself on a quest to locate this young man and help him fill the empty hole in his heart.
Step 1: Ask grave digger for a list of recent funerals
Step 2: Locate the family of all female decadent
Step 3: Find Timothy and determine the name of the son
This should be easy. Right?


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