10 things every 45 something woman should do



Why only 10 because time is short and it takes us longer to do this stuff…


  1. Wear less makeup, your face needs the break and you don’t need to pretend you are in your 20s. I would have said don’t wear any but I don’t want to start a riot.
  2. Tell everyone you know your real age. Most of the time you’ll get compliments on how young you look. Those that don’t are haters anyway.
  3. Take a road trip with your partner, husband or special friend. Get lost together and act like teenagers. (Make out, giggle, whisper in each other’s ears and have lots of sex) Enjoy your time together before time creeps up on you and you can’t.
  4. Make a bucket list and start doing the items on the list. What are you waiting for? Do you really think you will complete the list in your 70s? Get to it. Hey if you finish the list, just start over…
  5. Take a trip with your siblings and reminisce about your childhood. If you had a troubled childhood, talk about something else and have plenty of cocktails. Only child? Then go alone…
  6. Make a list of things you used to love to do, but never manage to find the time for them anymore. Once you finish the list, schedule them into your week. It makes a huge difference and you will start enjoying life again.
  7. Once a week watch a funny movie, read a book or have a spa day. Make time to refresh and renew.
  8. Have high tea with your best friend on a weekday. Indulge in the decadent desserts, eat finger sandwiches and sip wonderful tea. Share your latest news and listen to hers. Don’t forget to wear your hats ladies!
  9. If you are still fortunate to have living parents, take your mom, dad or both to lunch and let them talk your ear off. Don’t forget to pay the bill.
  10. Send yourself flowers, an edible arrangement or a gift basket to be delivered on a future day. You need the appreciation and chances are you are so busy you will forget they are coming. Who doesn’t love surprise gifts, even if you sent it to yourself?

So there you have it, my list of 10. Do you have any that you would add? Let me know. Hit me up on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rebirthoflisa or on Twitter @rebirthoflisa

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