What’s My Name?


Hi guys, just a quick post today to get something off my chest. Recently there was a big uproar in the entertainment world when Robin Rihanna Fenty had the nerve to show up at the CFDA Awards, where she was being honored as a Fashion Icon, nearly nude! 90’s girl group TLC and Wendy Williams along with their fans, have publicly criticized her saying it was an inappropriate way to appear in public. They were outraged that she was showing soo much “Skin”! TLC started a Twitter war that Rihanna quickly won by posting pics of the two remaining members when they were in their 20’s posing nearly topless in a popular magazine. What was that? Oh yeah, the pot calling the kettle black? And Wendy, well let’s just say… um never mind.

Enough is enough. Rihanna is a grown woman with her own money who is single and has no children. She does not have to answer to any of us for her actions. Why do we, especially in the black community, have to tear each other down when we dare to show any sign of stepping outside of the box? You don’t get to where she is in her career by playing it safe. This is not the first time she has worn breast bearing sheer attire and she wasn’t the first person to ever do so. Celebs have been doing it for years; Ri Ri just knocked it out of the park. People need to get off of her back for being brave enough to play “Russian Roulette” with her choice of dress. She risked being shunned by the not so welcoming Fashion World, but instead she slayed them! “Man Down”!

The Adam Selman designed sheer gown paired with a matching Swarovski crystal adorned head wrap and gloves was a work of art. What better venue to wear this beautiful creation than at the prestigious Fashion Awards where she was being deemed a Fashion Icon? That’s what Icons do. And furthermore, what was she supposed to wear under this dress? It was not designed for a bra and panties. Can you imagine how crazy she would have looked with normal underwear and pasties? That would have been tacky. Instead she wore a flesh tone thong and looked elegant and racy, a la Josephine Baker who, as Kimberly Elise pointed out, was the inspiration for this design.

Rihanna has been killing the game for years and this night was her time to “Shine Bright Like a Diamond”! She did it flawlessly and if she was nervous, you couldn’t tell. Think about it, how many of us can say we would have the courage to go out of the house in a sheer gown with only a thong panty underneath and not be afraid of ridicule and taunts. I’ll wait…

Sure things could get “Complicated” when others in our community try to be like her, but please don’t forget Rihanna is a “Rockstar”! Now kids, don’t try this at home. Know that Ri Ri is “The Only Girl in the World” that could pull this off and it cannot be duplicated. Even if you think you have the body for it, nobody wants to see your “Birthday Cake”.
Congratulations Rihanna, you proved once again why the world “Can’t Remember to Forget You”…”Take a Bow”!


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